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. >> secretary of state john kerry plans to head to ukraine tomorrow to offer support for a government now threatened by russia. the united states believes russia has complete control of the peninsula of crimea percent and the currency value is on a low against the dollar and euro. the internet monitoring agency has blocked a dozen pages that helped out of the russian-leaning president. >> up to a foot of snow in the east coast including thick ice and up to 10up of -- 10" of snow are possible in washington, dc and the atlantic states. federal offices are closed. again. they spent the weekend preparing. >> ice is detrimental to our electric system. we have crews stationed throughout the entire territory. >> according to flight aware, more than 2,000 flights in the united states have been canceled. >> check out this image from nasa: you can see how big the storm is. it is a coast to coast event impacting more than 100 million people. >> many residents in los angeles county communities returned home after evacuation ordered were lifted after heavy rains left plenty of mud and debris in the ne
. secretary of state john kerry is arriving in kiev this morning. the united states and the top allies are deciding whether to slap russia with sanctions for the military take year of the now-friendly crimea region. sanctions on russia, putin says, will backfire. you can stay on the rising crisis by following our twitter@bayarea. >>the city will hire a police officers for a position in bell haven at a cost of $200,000 a year. the officer would help local schools increase their safety as well as work with the area's large businesses like facebook to improve security. >> new york city congressman introduced a bill to require a kill switch on smartphone to deter cell phone theft. the commissioner of new york city called cell phone theft the largest growing crime in america. they accounted for half of all robberies in san francisco last year. the district attorney was among the first to urge phone companies to install a kill switch. we have more on "good morning america" following our news confident at 7:00. >>> right now at 4:37, a look at the forecast. lisa is here for mike. >> good morn
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2